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Suited Up

Since I’m lucky enough to work in a creative field, this leather tuxedo blazer and printed pant combination serve as my version of a suit. Barney Stinson would not be even a bit impressed. I do own the one actual suit: I purchased it in college for interviews, and it makes me look like a small child playing dress-up in her mother’s closet.

Two morals to this story:
1) Fashion is one of the most fun art forms to experiment with, but in the end, should always make you look like you, and…
2) …Who says you ever, ever have to grow up?

0 26 Tux2
03 26 Tux3 03 26_Tux4

03 26 Tux

  • Sunglasses: Prada (last seen here, buy em here)
  • Tank: Joie (buy it here)
  • Tuxedo Blazer: Ju Ju (unavailable online, buy similar here)
  • Pants: Forever 21 (sold out but I also dig these and these from Forever 21)
  • Purse: Celiné (borrowed from my hot Australian best friend/photographer, buy it here)
  • Heels: Nine West (buy em here in red, buy similar here in black)


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