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I remember the day in sixth grade that I figured out the cordless land line I had begged my parents to install for me worked not only in my room, but as far as my backyard and even my newfound favorite place on earth, the roof of my neighbors garage (accessible via a very crafty DIY that I’m pretty sure actually consisted of sheets tied to sticks in the form of a ladder). Life had changed. I could now talk to my long-distance camp boyfriend not only curled up on my bed, where I was just me, Nikki B, 4’10 and 85 pounds, but also from my pillar on top of the planet where I was Queen Of The World (Or At Least, Brooklyn).

Rooftops hold a bit of the opposite effect on me now. It’s a funny thing about perspective. Down on the ground on Avenue B, I can choose to take the long way to work, notice the cute leather jacket of the girl walking past me, decide to pop into my favorite coffee shop for an espresso, run into a neighbor walking his dog. Ten stories up, it hits me. Buildings, bridges, blocks–and the people, taxis, bikes traversing them with little knowledge of each other–they exist, and will continue to exist regardless of me and everyone I have ever known. World: Big. Really, colossally, humungous. Me: Small. Super, teeny, tiny. All a girl can do is twirl for the camera and be thankful for the best friends there to capture a fleeting moment in (infinite?) time.

Outfit credits after the jump. Deep thoughts for your Monday morning unattributable, but you’re either welcome, or I’m sorry.
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  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban (last seen here, buy em here)
  • Leather Jacket: Custom made in Bali for my beautiful Australian best friend, casually acquired by me
  • Maxi Dress: ALC (buy it here for 50% off, also love this cutout version)
  • Necklace: Forever 21 (buy similar here, or try this badass option)
  • Shoes: Zara (last seen here, buy em here)


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