Sew Fetch

Old McDonald

Last week, I got ready to take a few blog snaps and picked up my trusty camera to find that, to my great dismay, it wouldn’t turn on. The evening before, it had been considerably over-served at dinner, so I quickly came to the conclusion that it must have tucked itself into its home on my vanity table, and, in it’s less-than-sober state, fallen off at some point during the night. I dropped it off with the camera doctor and spent the rest of the week happily wearing nothing but my black J-brands, oversized t-shirts, and white kicks. On Friday, I bopped on over to the repair shop, ready to startlooking like a girl again, to be informed that despite the amount she’d had to drink the night before, it turned out my camera hadn’t fallen after all. Rather…I hadn’t charged the batteries.

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s either that: a) at the end of the day, the vast majority of problems have extremely simple solutions or b) my camera should drink a litttttle less wine.

But on to the clothes: I bought this vintage Levi’s overall/romper combo last summer and, upon first wear, was promptly informed that I resembled a slutty farmer (see: other slutty objects I have modeled my outfits after). To heighten my sex appeal, here I have paired it with men’s sunglasses and gladiator sandals, which I hear guys find highly attractive, especially on real, live girls and not just renderings from Ancient Greece and Egypt.

Old McDonald had some purchasing body-con dresses to do, E-I-E-I-O.

05 19 Pink1
05 19 Pink3

05 19 Pink2


  • Sunnies: Oakley (buy em here)
  • Romper: Vintage Levis (buy similar here)
  • Blazer: Elizabeth & James (last seen here, buy it here)
  • Satchel: Burberry (borrowed from the bestie, buy it here)
  • Shoes: Forever 21 (last seen here, buy em here)
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