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These snaps mark two big firsts here on Sew Fetch. To begin with, this is the first time I have taken outfit photos sans sunglasses. To the untrained eye, this may not seem like a first at all, but rather a mundane detail one may wonder why I’m sharing with the universe/internet. Well, let me tell you people: I did some hefty research before launching this little site, and found that for whatever reason, fashion bloggers are very rarely found posing without shades. At first I thought this was a coincidence–maybe they were all taking photos on unbearably sunny days? Or drastically hungover? Or their boyfriends had grown sick of acting as their photographers and socked hem straight in the eye? There had to be some reason beyond the obvious, which is that all humans, regardless of gender or actual aesthetic appeal, can be made to look attractive with the addition of sunglasses.

It turns out, there is no greater organization of People Posing For Shameless Selfies While Wearing Massive Sunnies. Fashion bloggers and other vain people have just capitalized on what us commoners already know: everyone looks good in sunglasses. So people, let’s give me a round of applause here. Maybe next time, I will be brave enough to actually make some semblance of eye contact with the camera.

The second first, for anyone still reading, is that I am wearing a peplum. For the entirety of the peplum’s life cycle (18 months?), I have not been able to pull off this trend, because as a woman who is large-bosomed but petite elsewhere, peplums had a funny way of resembling an off-kilter boob shelf on me. This one, by a new-to-me Australian brand, Seed Heritage, is the only peplum I’ve ever worn that manages to look slimming rather than tit-rack-esque. Also, it has sick leather details on the sleeve that make it the ultimate elevated basic. Check out some more Seed Heritage pieces I’m digging like these leather overalls, this structured jumpsuit and this knit dress.

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03.03_Denim2 03.03_Denim4

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  1. Sarah

    gorg! i read the whole thing and the peplum looks great and not at all like an off-kilter boob shelf. good work! xo

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