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As much as I love experimenting with fashion, most mornings I reach for one of two trusted uniforms. The first consists of a crisp button-down, skinny pants, and a blazer (fun fact: this is also my boyfriend’s uniform of choice, making getting dressed in the morning a daily “who wore it better?” that occurs entirely inside my brain. Spoiler alert, he did, always). The second uniform is the look you see below: loose sweater, A-line skirt, and a blazer/jacket. Since I’m fairly certain it will never be warm again (my future genetically-engineered children will look at photographs/holograms of bare legs and bikinis and mock mom for her bizarre fashions using the sole remaining method of communication: Snapchats with penis drawings on them), I’ve been adding a permanent cocoon coat to my uniform of choice.

Also, I had a reader reach out recently and ask if I ever wear color, and the answer is a firm no. There’s such a beautiful rainbow of blacks, tans, and denims out there. You go wear color, you crazy kid.

Outfit credits after the jump.

03.05_Skirt603.05_Skirt2 03.05_Skirt3 03.05_Skirt5

  • Sunglasses: Prada (last seen here, buy em here)
  • Striped Top: Zara (buy similar here)
  • Beige Bomber: Joie (buy it here in black for 35% off)
  • Sweater: BCBG (another of my blanket-as-sweater acquisitions, buy similar here)
  • Purse: Mulberry (get it here)
  • Skirt: Forever 21 (buy similar here by Vince or here from Shopbop at 60% off, also digging this leather skirt from Forever 21)
  • Booties: Tibi (last seen here, get em here for 65% off)

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