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I’m in the process of moving, which means that other than the essentials, the majority of my belongings are packed up into very meticulously labeled boxes (“Silk Scarves, Long Necklaces + Summer Hats”). While most people wouldn’t consider this cheetah-print, leather-pocket coat an essential per se, most people are wrong, about most things, so it made the cut. Animal-print is the best neutral there is, if you ask me–add some leather detailing and this girl is done.

To deliberately and emphatically avoid the stress of moving (is there nothing more frustrating and quarter-life-crisis-inducing in a New Yorker’s life than having to spend hours, not to mention, hundreds, packing up the 500 square feet that make up their apartment-slash-life to move it into another 500 square feet, 3 blocks away?), I spent the rest of the weekend enthusiastically drinking. Rosé and al fresco season, you are such a gift (to my soul) and a curse (to my liver).

Musings from the new digs to come, soon!

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