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Cat Woman

Historically, other than favoring garments in prints resembling the larger breeds of this species, I have had no positive feelings whatsoever towards felines, but they’re somewhat starting to grow on me. What a genius animal, the housecat: while its’ ancestors wander about the jungle, preying viciously on surrounding creatures, all the while hoping that they won’t be turned into some skinny bitch’s outwear (or worse, some wealthy collectors decorative trophy), the housecat has somehow tricked the smartest animal of them all (or so they say) into willingly inviting it into their home, providing all its’ meals and entertainment, and finding it’s snooty attitude and lack of trick-doing charming. Two points, cats. And you still do make a mighty fierce piece of outerwear.

I found this coat in Venice, at the type of reasonably priced, well organized vintage shop that doesn’t quite exist in New York, and promptly scooped it up because in addition to boasting my second-favorite print (my first-favorite print being black), its oversized fit and impossibly soft texture ensure it falls into my rapidly growing collection of outerwear-that-is-actually-a-blanket. Coupled with crimson-on-crimson, it was just the thing for a fun Presidents Day off work, eating and gossiping (here) with my girlfriends.

Outfit credits after the jump.

02.17_Leopard 02.17_Leopard2 02.17_Leopard3 02.17_Leopard4

  • Sunglasses: Chloé (last seen here, buy similar here)
  • Beanie: Rag & Bone (last seen here, buy it here)
  • Jacket: Vintage via Got To Have It in Venice Beach
  • Button Down: Equipment (mine has tiny keyhole details that I can’t find online, but purchase plain crimson here. Or, avoid amassing a closet that is comprised 60% of Equipment buttondowns, and just don’t. (No, but do. A more versatile and flattering garment is nearly impossible to find)
  • Vest: BB Dakota (buy it here)
  • Purse: Balenciaga (last seen here, buy similar here)
  • Boots: Vintage via my hot mama’s 80’s closet (buy similar here, love the short version here)

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