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I have always considered myself a tried and true New Yorker: I grew up in Brooklyn and currently live in the East Village (which, if I have it my way, I don’t ever intend to leave). And although NYC is my be-all, end-all, everything-encompassing soulmate, I’ve kept a dirty Southern lover for quite some time now…and this weekend, we had the happiest of rendezvous.

I made the decision to ditch the Northeast for Nashville during my college years and while I can’t see myself ever putting down roots outside the five boroughs (or at the very widest radius, the tri-state area), Music City, Tennessee, remains one of my favorite places in the world. With fantastic food, incredible live music, a huge amount of creatives young and old, and a college campus that closely resembles the stock image that pops into your head when you think “college campus,” Nashville will always be a part of my life. This past weekend, three girlfriends went down to visit one of our college roommates, who now calls the city her home. In between dangerously pleasant (or pleasantly dangerous) quantities of fried chicken, crawfish, whiskey and wine, we spent a lovely 4 days reminiscing and looking forward, dancing and laughing, marveling at the many things that are constantly changing and equal amount that never will.

While we’re on the subject of change, I did get asked if I was a freshman immediately after the below photo shoot. I find myself stuck in the tiny bit of Venn diagram formed between “if only! if only!” and “you couldn’t possibly pay me enough”.

04 14 Alma Mater 2
04 14 Alma Mater4 04 14 Alma Mater5

04 14_Alma Mater

  • Sunglasses: Prada (last seen here, buy em here)
  • Jean Jacket: Rag & Bone (last seen here, buy it here. Mine is a slightly darker wash but I am digging the vintage fade for the summer)
  • Jumpsuit: Glam (old but buy similar here from Aqua or here from Romeo & Juliet)
  • Purse: Reed Krakoff (last seen here, buy it here. And yes, mom, that is another grey handbag but it was my new-job-present to myself and I’ll learn to budget when the world and the things in it get less fun and pretty, okay?)
  • Sandals: Vera Wang (last seen here, buy em here for 60%+ off)


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